Things To Do Before And After a Pest Control Treatment At Home

Pests are tiny creatures that quietly attack the corners of your house and ultimately spread all around your shelter. 

They take little time to multiply in numbers, destroy your precious furniture, and cause unhygienic conditions around you, so it becomes crucial to protect your Round Rock property from pest attacks by contacting a reliable pest control service provider near you. 

Things You Should Do Before a Pest Control Treatment At Home

  • Shift your bed and sofa away from the walls.

When you pack your bags to leave your house until the pest control treatment occurs, make sure you shift your beds and sofas away from the walls before you step out. 

Since furniture placed close to the walls protects the walls and furniture from chemical sprays, pest control treatment is successful when the chemicals reach every part of your house and work in the best way.

  • Provide space 

Pest infestation occurs in the darkest and finest areas of your house, so to remove these tiny creatures from your home, it is important to provide adequate space to the pest control team. 

For this, you will be required to open the drawers and doors of your closet, study table, etc, and repair the leakages in your taps, pipes, and other areas around the house. Also, shift your plants to a safer place and provide adequate space in the balcony area for the pest control team to spray chemicals freely.

  • Secure edible items in containers

Chemicals used during the pest control treatment are harmful to health if consumed, and during the treatment, these chemicals are sprayed to every corner of your house, especially the kitchen, where pests find a comfortable environment to hide. 

Therefore, secure your edible items from these chemical sprays by keeping them in airtight containers, but it is best to take them with you before you leave the house or use steel containers to store them instead of plastic containers.

Things You Should Do After a Pest Control Treatment 

  • Do not wash the leftover product.

The leftover chemical from the pest control treatment gets dried and stays in some corners of your house. So avoid washing it off while cleansing your home since the dried-up chemicals help the pest control effects stay longer. Instead, you can wait for a few days for a deep cleaning and, till then, clean the areas of your house you use every day.

  • Eliminate all pest attractions

Remove the dust, dirt, and eligible leftovers under the furniture and sheets to avoid pests coming back. For this, you should vacuum your home thoroughly after the pest control treatment and check the potential areas for pest attack to spray pest repellent if you see any sign of their return. 

Furthermore, you should fill the holes and cracks around the house and avoid throwing paper and cardboard pieces around to avoid pests like mice to build shelter.